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Show Quebranto



“Quebranto” takes us on a never-to-be-forgotten journey across different flamenco styles. It is a performance that presents the full variety of this art, yet, without being separated from its roots. The artists, by presenting their individual and very personal approach to flamenco art, give us direct and very deep insight into the soul of the Gypsy nation. The nation which created flamenco. The pure soul where pure flamenco lives.

The soul which is not hidden behind any masks, make-up or false décor.Four generations (including the 4-year old Azael) of the Gypsy family show us how they share their emotions, passion for life and freedom, being closely connected to their social roots. The roots which make for them the natural law and become the essence of life and lifestyle for each of these generations.Flamenco “puro” is the art which allows the audience to feel the artists’ freedom and share this freedom with them.

The audience is given the right to free interpretation of the dancers’ and musicians’ intentions.

“Quebranto” is a very spectacular performance in which the Gypsy soul breathes deeply through singing, dancing, sounds of a guitar, percussion, flute and rhythmic clapping. It is a total flamenco fiesta.

Saray Cortés, Antonio de Verónica and La Salinera are flamenco “puro”.

“Puro y oro” – pure gold.

flamenco “puro” – the oldest and most original form of flamenco, free from the influence of pop-music, jazz, blues, etc. Very close to flamenco roots.


Dancers: Antonio de Verónica

                  Saray Cortés

Vocals: Miguel Astorga

                  Luisa Muñoz

Percussion: Juan Utrera

Guitar: Israel Cortés

Piano: Daniel Lozano

Invited dancer: La Salinera

“Quebranto”  has been presented in many theatres all over Spain since it was produced.

In 2012 in Erlangen, Germany (“Noche Flamenca”) “Quebranto” was received with hot applause of the German audience. Areceivedza