Antonio de Veronica | Show Por Derecho
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Show Por Derecho



“Por Derecho” is a derivation of the expression “derecho de sangre” – the right of blood, which refers to the legal criteria we can acquire by succession. According to these criteria every person inherits some inner characteristics from his/her ancestors and has the right to manifest them. Flamenco is the way how we show our devotion and respect to this succession.

In “Por Derecho” we reveal what we have inside us, by means of our bodies, by means of our dancing. We present the flamenco emotional soul that we have inside. And these are not only the characteristics inherited from our parents, grandparents and earlier generations. These are also the qualities which we have acquired from our masters and great profesores

Flamenco would not be complete if it only existed as one of art disciplines. Flamenco is the way of living and expressing your emotions. That is why it is so important not to be an actor. It is important to be yourself, to be authentic, to show your inner essence, to give your soul to the audience and to make spectators see that flamenco is running in your blood. If you are true in what you reveal, it means you present pure flamenco. You are flamenco puro.

In “Por Derecho” we pay a tribute to the memory of our ancestors and teachers, as they have given us the right – the right of blood to bequeath the flamenco essence to the world and to our descendants.

This performance has a character of catharsis and a kind of a religious ritual, in which we worship the souls of those grandes and we express our admiration for them through our dance.

“Por Derecho” consists of two indivisible parts (with a few minutes break).

“Quebranto” is a very spectacular performance in which the Gypsy soul breathes deeply through singing, dancing, sounds of a guitar, percussion, flute and rhythmic clapping. It is a total flamenco fiesta.

Saray Cortés, Antonio de Verónica and La Salinera are flamenco “puro”.

“Puro y oro” – pure gold.

flamenco “puro” – the oldest and most original form of flamenco, free from the influence of pop-music, jazz, blues, etc. Very close to flamenco roots.

CASTDancers: Antonio de Verónica

                   Saray Cortés

 Vocal: Carmina Cortés

 Percussion: Juan Utrera

 Guitars: Israel Cortés

                  Salvador de María

Invited dancer: La Salinera