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Antonio de Veronica


Antonio de Verónica was born in Malaga in 1984 and started his artistic career at the age of seven. He learnt his first flamenco steps from a well known dancer and profesora Susana Lupiánez who immediately discovered his talent and helped him to enter into the artistic world very early. As a little boy Antonio had a chance to share the flamenco stage with such famous artists as the dancer Antonio “el Pipa” and Maria José Santiago – the singer.Antonio-de-Verónica

He also remained under the influence of many other great flamenco dancers such as: Rafael Amargo, Soraya Clavijo, Marcos Flores, Rafael de Carmen, Juana Amaya, Farruco, Farruquito and the already mentioned Antonio “el Pipa”. All of them have left a significant trace in Antonio’s magnificent career as a dancer and choreographer.

Antonio de Verónica was only 19 years old when he signed a one-year contract as a resident star dancer at Sala Exit Palace in Tenerife. Upon his arrival in Tenerife he came into personal and professional relations with other famous flamenco dancers which resulted in establishing his own flamenco group with Saray Cortés and La Salinera – one of the most appreciated dancers in the flamenco world all over the world. Flamenco company “Familia Sánchez Cortés”, whose first flamenco show “Calor de piedra” was presented at the Guimera Theatre in Santa Cruz, Tenerife in 2005, soon received enthusiastic reviews as well as the audience applause in Spain, Germany, England and Argentina. “Calor de piedra” reflects the history of the different flamenco types in which every artist adds his own creativity and passion to this history. “Calor de piedra” won the music audience not only in Spain, but also in Germany, England and Argentina.

Most important artistic shows and festivals in which Antonio de Veronica & Saray Cortés took part are the following:

Flamenco festival in Alhuarín de la Torre where they collaborated with:
• Miguel Poveda
• Esperanza Fernández
• Marina Heredia
Feria de Malaga 2009 – sharing the stage with Pitingo and Jose Merced
Corrida Pisacciana at the Gibralfillo Castell in Malaga sharing the arena with such famous bull fighters as:
• Javier Conde
• Francisco Riviera
• El Cordobés
Colliseo Theatre in Bilbao
Cultural Centre de Collado Villalba
Gala Star Life ……………………… by Antonio Banderas, David Bisbal, Jon Secada, India Martínez, Ana Obregón
International Flamenco Festival in Geneva, at the Alhambra Theatre
Flamenco Bienal de Malaga – as star dancers at the Cervantes Theatre
Palacio de Euscalduna in Bilbao, Spain
Flamenco Festival Torre del Cante
Corrida Bull Ring in Benalmádena where they were invited to assist famous Estrella Morente
Teatro Cervantes in Malaga with the flamenco show “Flamenco perdura en el Tiempo” and then with the show “Quebranto”
Auditorio de El Sauzal (Tenerife) with the show “Flamenco perdura en el Tiempo”
Teatro Guimera with the show “Flamenco y Arena”
Echegaray Theatre in Malaga with “Flamenco y Arena” and the invited artist – famous Marina Heredia
Fulmen Theatre with the show “Flamenco comes from the South”
Fulmen Theatre with the show “Quenranto” for 5 times

The most recognized three shows presented now at the theatres all over Spain and the Tenerife are:
“De Norte a Sur”
“Por Derecho”

Music Reward from the Coliseu Theatre, Madrid
Reward Makyre with Agata Ruiz de la Prada

Apart from being on stage and touring many cities with his flamenco shows, Antonio de Verónica spends a lot of time in his Flamenco Academia in Malaga, where he particularly cares about flamenco education of talented children.

Supported and recommended by the Malaga Province authorities as well as the Andalusia Tourist Authorities, Compaña Flamenca de Antonio de Verónica & Saray Cortés is becoming No.1 flamenco group in Spain.